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Procedure Followed in Decision Making Process
Sl No Activity Level of Action Time Frame
1 To receive application and put a diary number One OTS Engaged in this work Within 3 days
2 To mark application to concerned Section One Senior Asst. Engaged in this work Within 3 days
3 To dispose of the letter Dealing Assistant of concerned Section 2-7 days

Norms for Discharge of Functions
Sl No Activity Time Frame/ Norm
1 Diary of Letter 3-5 Minute per Letter
2 Dispatch of Letter 20 Minute per Letter
3 Typing job -

Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals & Records for Discharging Functions
Sl No Name of Act, Rules, Regulations etc Brief Gist of Contents Reference No. if Any Price in Case of Priced Publications
1 Municipal Act,1950 Municipal Act,1950 Urban Local Body Related Matters - -
2 Municipal Rules,1953 Urban Local Body Related Matters - -
3 Registration of Birth and death Act,1969.The Odisha Registration of Birth and Death Rules,2001 Birth and Death related matters - -
4 Registration of Marriage Certificate Marriage Registration Act - -
5 Right Public Service Right Public service related - -

Categories of Documents Under Control
Sl No Nature of Record Details of Information Available Unit/Section where Available Retention Period where Available
1 Cash Book Acquaintance Roll Details of receipt and expenditure & staff salary bill etc Accounts Section 12 years
2 Service Books Details of Service Particulars of staff Establishment section 12 years
3 D.C.B. & Collection record maintain Details of collection and supervision Tax section 7 years
4 Maintenance of case record & stock and store (Dev) Details of records maintain in development section Public Work Section. 7 years
5 Receipt of cash received from collection staffs Details of collection etc. Cashier 7 years
6 Receipt and Issue Register Letter receipt & dispatch Issue and Dispatch Section  

Particulars of Arrangement in Formulation of Policy

Sl No Name and Address of the Consultative Committees/Bodies Constitution of the Committee Body Role and Responsibility Frequency Meetings
1 Koraput Municipality Council including ,One Chairperson, One Vice-Chairperson As Contemplated in municipal manual Monthly
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